Our Story

An ambiance of elegance and comfort upon entrance; with sleek forest green booths in natural wood trimming, cherry mahogany wood floors and vintage amber lighting for comfort. Black and white marble bar, glass touches to give the rich depth and surrounding greenery to energize the space. We like to believe our space offers the best of both worlds. While dining you can either mingle with others by our bar or enjoy a more personal and private experience with our lounge seating.

690 Park is not just a bar, but a sophisticated restaurant location that offers hospitality and a cuisine prepared skillfully and artfully by our head Chef, he brings a refined twist to bar classics, incorporating into the menu a bold and highbrow American cuisine. We use the finest and freshest ingredients in each dish and make everything from scratch. We pride ourselves not only on superior quality and intricate flavors, but hold ourselves to a high aesthetic standard on everything that comes out from our kitchen to your table.